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Over the years I've played with images for Moonbird Music but I've never been satisfied with any of my own efforts. When I put up this website in 2007 I looked online for something to capture my imagination and I found a wonderful piece of black and white 'scratchboard' artwork but at the time I didn't know who created the artwork.
I modified it, adding color and increasing the size of the moon, throwing up some stars in the sky. And in the meantime, online search engines have improved and when I did another search and found the original image again, I was able to find the artist who created it.
Allow me to present the very talented Denise M. DesLauriers who has very graciously given permission for me to continue to use her artwork as the basis for the Moonbird Music logo. Her website is not currently available but I hope it will be again in the future so you might see what beautiful work she does.
The original as presented on her art blog and my first 'colorized' version.
DesLauriers art     colorized
Then I took to playing with the size of the moon... that's dangerous territory!  
colorized     colorized  

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Last Updated September 28, 2018
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