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Lynn Maudlin
The Convenience of Memory
by Lynn Maudlin, Moonbird Music Co. 1984
All rights reserved


The convenience of memory never ceases to amaze me
What we choose to remember, what we choose to forget
My parents always loved me, and my lover ne'er betrayed me
So I guess it's just my problem, I guess it's all in the mindset
My father says my attitude has never been the right one
He thinks that I'm a cynic, he sees me as obsessed
By all the wrong dimensions in this world of many angles
But then he's always been decisive and he has never been depressed
And mother, though she loves me
She is also jealous of me
For the truth is, I remind her
Of opportunities she missed
And she can never really see me without wondering, “what if?”
What if she'd done it differently, elusively, what if?
The one I did not marry has always been a strange man
And moving through the darkness, did we ever truly touch?
Well I really don't remember and I'd prefer you didn't ask me
For with time the pain grows smaller and I don't think about it much
The convenience of memory never ceases to amaze me—
All rights reserved
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