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Lynn Maudlin
Take Down the Tree
by Lynn Maudlin, © Moonbird Music Co. 1979
All rights reserved
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Live "room sound" from St Jude's Anglican Church in Burbank, so you can hear a little of the Inuit drum.
Take down the tree, take down the wreath
No more Christmas carols, it is time for us to speak
    of what the Lord is doing in each of us this year--
Take down the tree, and no more tears


Take down the tinsel, put away the ornaments
Each one holding memories of a holiday now spent
The time has come for us to take down all the lights
That warmed our hearts these winter nights


The Child is growing, He cannot remain a babe
And in our hearts, His Spirit does the same
Each year grows richer as the meaning opens up -
From the cradle to the cross and His cup


We remember His birth
We proclaim His resurrection
As we await His coming in glory


So just like the wisemen, returning from whence they came
Let us go forward, praising His Name



All rights reserved
Last Updated December 13, 2021
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