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Lynn Maudlin
Made Too Young A Mother
by Lynn Maudlin, © Moonbird Music Co. 1981
All rights reserved


Made too young a mother - a child with a child
Loose at night in Hollywood, running drugs and running wild
Lying through my teeth, I was lying when I smiled


Doing what I damn well pleased and pleasing what I could
I was raised on should and shouldn't
Lord, I was raised up on bad & good
and I threw it all away just as soon as I could


O dear Jesus, save me from what appears to be my life
I was made too young a mother
I was made too young a wife
But now I've got to live it - and I've got to try to live it right


     It's not like they didn't tell me
     It's not like they didn't warn me
     It's not like there's anyone to blame but me
     Somehow I thought that I was different
     Somehow I thought I was exempt
     Somehow I never thought I'd come to this


Tell me, is there someplace you can go
to inquire about your hand?
To ask for a fresh deck of cards
To ask, ask about the plan?
And see if you can change it
And change it, if you can--



All rights reserved
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